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Location of the houses
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House designs & Prices
Single-storey houses are approx. 125 m² with a living area of 97 m². The two-story houses are approx. 202 m².
The common area, roads, swimming pool, garden etc., is approx. 700 m². See site survey/area plans.

Site 1    approx. 395 m²     Single-storey house. Price (Sold)

Site 2    approx. 345 m²    Two-storey house. Price approx. 6.910.000 bath

Site 3    approx. 545 m²    Two-storey house. Price (Sold)

Site 4    approx. 310 m²    Two-storey house. Price approx. 6.610.000 bath

Site 5    approx. 465 m²    Two-storey house. Price approx. 7.610.000 bath

Site 6    approx. 335 m²    Two-storey house. Price approx. 6.610.000 bath

Site 7    approx. 430 m²    Single-storey house. Price (Sold)


Technical description

Foundation: Driven piles, concrete foundation and reclining concrete girders.
System of joists
: Pre-fabricated concrete blocks with cast platform.
: Structural concrete pillars. Walled concrete blocks. Painted walls.
: Rust-treated steel profiles. Roof tiling.
: Wooden window-frames with single-paned windows as standard.
: Rooms - ceramic tiles, 30 x 30 cm. Bathroom - ceramic tiles, 20 x 20 cm. (The two-storey houses have wooden floors on the top floor).
Heating, Water & Sanitation
: The cold water pipes are of PVC. Water pipes for hot water are of copper. The sewer pipes are of PVC. A central hot water heater. The draining gutters in the bathrooms are Swedish.
: Municipal water but there is also an underground water tank.
: Connected to the municipal sewer system. The toilets are connected to septic tanks.
: Copper wiring pulled through PVC-tubing. Earthed outlets.
: TV-outlets in the living room and in the bedrooms.
: Outlets in the kitchen area and the bedrooms.
: Modem connection through telephone outlets.

Yearly operating costs
To own a house in Thailand is much cheaper than to own one in Sweden. We have the following operating costs which include care for the area, swimming pool and security.
The association of local house owners costs 36,000 baht/month (approx. SEK 6,500/year). Land lease 60 baht/m²/year (approx. SEK 10,90/year). Ex.: land lease for site 1 would be 395m² x 60 baht/year. A total of 23,700 baht. (Approx. SEK 4,300/year).

Other costs
When you are here you will have the following costs: Electricity and water approx. 3,000 baht/month. Help with cleaning approx. 2,000 baht/month. Domestic help, full-time approx. 5,000 baht/month.
When you are not here, the costs will be: Electricity and water approx. 200 baht/month.
Supervision of the house and cleaning every other week costs approximately 1,000 baht/month.

Purchasing data
When you have chosen your house design and location in the area, you can put down a reservation fee of SEK 30,000. (This payment will be discounted from the impending payment at the signing of the contract). You decide within 30 days which site and house design you want to buy.
When you have decided a contract of sale is signed and a down-payment of 10 % of the purchase price is paid.
Partial payment: Up to 50 % is paid within 30 days (The reservation fee and down-payment are discounted).
Partial payment: 35 % when the house is under roof.
Final payment: 15 % when the house is taken possession of.
In our project you own the house and lease the land. The leasing contract is registered with the authoritities for a period of 30 years and can later be extended by another 2 periods through a legal contract. That is - 30, 30, 30 years, a total of 90 years. This is the same as for those site lease holdings we have here in Sweden. When selling, the lease holder has the same rights and liabilities as with other property sales.

What is included (see also technical description)
Kitchen fittings and kitchen appliances.The kitchen ´s basic fittings are included, with a granite counter. Oven, fan, sink, and mixer taps (faucets) are included. You can also order a specially-fitted kitchen.
Furniture and interior decoration:Here there is much to choose from, in many different price ranges and qualities. It is easy to buy furniture adapted to what you yourself need.
Air-conditioning:Is included as standard in the bedrooms, it is fixed to the wall. You can also choose to have air-conditioning in all rooms as well as have it fixed to the ceiling.

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